I am popping in today to share a little secret designer tips with you guys.  I am going to talk about how to layer rugs in your space and share with you the hows and whys of it.  I love this look because it can help add a little bit of a bohemian vibe to a space and make it feel a little more casual, textured, and interesting.  It also helps our clients and you guys take advantage of one of our favorite trends right now, vintage kilim rugs!  We absolutely love these rugs, but often then come in odd sizes that do not necessary coincide with traditional rug measurements. Okay, get ready to learn how to layer rugs like a true pro!

How to layer rugs like a designer


Think of your base rug as your canvas and your top rug as the piece of art that will be put on top of the canvas.  We love using natural fiber rugs, such as jute or seagrass, when selecting our base layer.  Adding a rug on top of a natural fiber rug also solves another problem as well.  Natural fiber rugs can sometimes be rough on feet and little knees if you have young kids who like to play on the ground.  By adding a softer rug on top of the natural fiber you get the gorgeous texture that the natural fiber rug provides without the roughness.

netural jute rug with black and white striped rug layered on top

Jeffery Allen Marks


Layering rugs is a great way to add texture and visual interest to a space.  Sheepskins and natural hides are a great way to do this.  I am absolutely obsessed with the look that Blair from Fox and She created in the space below.  By adding a sheepskin on top of a jute rug she created a texture double whammy and it looks awesome.  I also love how her base layer has a pattern to it, but still serves as a neutral base for her sheepskin to pop off of.  If she had added a sheepskin over a plain jute rug the sheepskin would not pop nearly as much.

black diamond pattern jute rug with white sheepskin rug layered on top

Fox and She


Remember my confessed love of kilim’s?  I absolutely love the gorgeous colors and patterns that these rugs bring to a space.  However, there are two thinks that I don’t love about kilim rugs: their odd sizes and there thinness.  Sometimes you just want a really plush carpet under foot, especially in a family-centered room, or you fall in love with a gorgeous rug that is too small for your space.  Luckily by layering one of these beauties under another rug you are able to create a beautiful, colored focal point in your room that is still functional and comfortable for your family.

colorful kilim rug over natural fiber rug in dining room

Amber Interiors


I know all of my design loving friends are aware that you can layer a rug over a carpet, but in case you weren’t….you totally can.  It is a great way to define a space when you have wall-to-wall carpeting. It is also great way to protect carpet in high traffic areas of your home.  You can put a rug under a coffee table to define a seating area or it is a great way to break up spaces if you have a really large great room that serves multiple purposes.  One little tip to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look; be aware of the pile of your carpet.  If you have a very high pile carpet, layering rugs is not the best idea because the rug gets dimpled looking when walked on and does not lay smooth.

Blue Overdyed Rug layered over carpet

Decor Pad










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