If you asked me what was one of the most used elements in our designs, hands down the answer would be trim work.  It makes such a bold and timeless statement and can be used to create an impact without having to rely on accessories.  We are currently working on 8+ custom homes and remodels and the first thing we discuss with our clients when we engage on a project is ways to incorporate trim work into their designs. There is no better way to achieve a grand, custom and polished look!

Trimwork doorMy Design Chic

We currently love adding trim to dress up ordinary spaces such as hallways and bathrooms.  We also love putting it on main focal walls such as a family room wall where your TV hangs.  This is a great way to create a feature wall that you don’t necessarily want to decorate. From flat walls, to trim work around windows, to door casings, always include it in your budget as it will give you the most bang for your buck!

We obviously love our trim work painted white but are also loving dark grays or blacks as well.  Here are some behind the scenes of current trim work snapshots from homes we are working on at the moment.


Ceiling Trimwork

We love how this coffered ceiling accentuates the height of this room and brings the eye up.

Focal Wall Trim Work
Using trimwork on this large wall was a lifesaver because it brings a ton of visual interest to a space that would have been hard to fill otherwise.
Trimwork in Doorway

We love using trim in unexpected places, like this doorway, because it really dresses up spaces that are typically overlooked.  I love the way the trim on the door below really accentuates the height of the doors and makes them feel so grand.

Trimwork on Door
Featured image from House Beautiful.